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A cura di Stefania Giambelluca




Sono aperte le candidature per lo scambio come partecipante e  Group Leader!!!!

Il group leader può avere oltre 25 anni

Gli altri partecipanti da 18 a 25.


Visto che lo scambio si svolgerà in inglese vi mando le informazioni in inglese.

Non esitate a contattarmi per maggiori informazioni.



70% rimborso del biglietto aereo + treno/bus

100% vitto e alloggio coperto

€30 quota di partecipazione


Per il Group leader:

For the Preparation Meeting          18.09.2010 - 20.09.2010

(The Travel budget for the "Holding Waifs"  Prep. Meeting is covered to 100% (of max. 400 Euro per team leader). 


Per Group leader + partecipanti:

For the "Holding Waifs"  Exchange           11.10.2010 - 20.10.2010

(The Travel budget for the "Holding Waifs"   Exchange is covered to 70% (of max. total budget of 400 Euro per participant).





HOLDING WAIFS is an intercultural media project for 25 young european people. HOLDING WAIFS is dedicated to the “2010 European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion”. The Project focuses on a playful examination of the word “waif”, including arousing associations, attached meanings and possible interpretations.

At first the young participants start their search for “waifs” in their hometowns. They document their discoveries, experiences, and “waifs” with own texts, images, photos, sound and video recordings.

Hereafter the young people all meet for ten days in Berlin. They elaborate and edit their documentations in media workshops, they present their results to each other in intercultural group dialogues, they share their experiences and discoveries and they altogether create the media exhibition HOLDING WAIFS.

HOLDING WAIFS is a project of the series CITY CONTACT. The young people will constantly publish all media and documentation



We regard a good preparation of and with the young participants as crucial for getting the best out of our 10 days exchange. We propose a kind of ’homework’ for the young people with the aim that they engage with the project theme and enrich their mutual intercultural experiences during the exchange through ‘documentations’ and ideas from their ‘home’ cities.

Team leaders are responsible to collect all homework material and to bring this to Berlin.

Your Homework

Find a Waif * in your town. Your chosen Waif has to be a person or an object, who/which you«ve met or found in a public place in your hometown.

Your Waif must have a special story or history, which means, it comes from elsewhere and should have experienced an „Odyssey“ (an epic voyage).

Document your Waif :

Record the story/history, as well as the characteristics of your chosen Waif. (Where and how did you find it? Where does it come from? What does it look like? What does it smell like? Has it a voice? What do you think about it? and so on ...)

Write an English text (at least 100 words), take 2 pictures (the highest quality your camera is able to!) and record 1 sound file (max. 3 minutes). If you like too you can record a short video as well. 

Please keep in mind: Your documentation should show your Waif in a short but clear way. Any other person should be able to imagine and understand, what your Waif is!

Hand over your produced documentation to your team leader and come to HOLDING WAIFS in Berlin ... 


Preparation Website


It would be a fantastic for our project if we manage to create our intercultural exchange online already before the actual meeting: you could document your preparation activities on with text, photos and video. How to proceed? Create a user profile with the pen name of your organisation and upload your reports with the menu command ‘MY NEWS’. And consequently we will activate your contributions.

Please contact us for technical or any other questions! We are looking forward to your contributions!


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