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Palermo was founded in the 8th century BC by Phoenician tradesmen around a natural harbour on the north-western coast of Sicily...


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Palermo International Airport, (Falcone-Borsellino) is located at Punta Raisi, about 35 km west of Palermo...


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Teatro Massimo
Teatro Massimo


"TEATRO MASSIMO", one of the biggest and famous theatres in Europe.

"TEATRO POLITEAMA", located in the biggest square of the city.

Quite close from the theatres there is "QUATTRO CANTI" a small square at the crossing of the ancient main roads (Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Via Maqueda) dividing the town into its 4 oldest quarters and "PIAZZA PRETORIA", where there is the Town Hall of the city and a magnificient fountain.
In Via Vittorio Emanuele there is the "CATHEDRAL", characterized by the presence of different styles with its mix of gothic and norman...very characteristic. You can see many other wonderful churchs in Palermo, as "SAN GIOVANNI DEGLI EREMITI", one of the greatest Norman churchs, built in 1142, "MARTORANA", situated in "Piazza Bellini", SANTA ZITA, S.FILIPPO NERI, SAN DOMENICO, situated in PIAZZA SAN DOMENICO, near the "VUCCIRIA MARKET", one of the oldest part of the city. Talking about the old markets of the city you can't miss a visit to "BALLARO''", the biggest and live market of the city, next to the station and via Maqueda.
Close to public university there is "PALAZZO DEI NORMANNI", which is one of the most beautiful Italian palaces and a notable example of Norman architecture, probably built over an Arab fortress; it houses the famous "CAPPELLA PALATINA".

Monreale Cathedral
Monreale Cathedral



An other big attraction of Palermo is "MONTE PELLEGRINO", with the SANCTUARY OF SANTA ROSALIA; from this mountain (about 500 metres high) you can see a breathtaking landscape of the city, very romantic!!!
Near Palermo there is "MONREALE", a village/suburb 8 km south of Palermo, sitting on the hill with a great view back towards the city and the sea. Be sure to visit the Duomo (Cathedral) and it's cloisters too.
An other attraction is, of course, the SEA; The BEACH OF MONDELLO is one of the most beautiful and crowded in Sicily. Mondello's beach is a very nice and hot beach, full of people and tourists in the summer-time, but it gets sometimes too crowded in summer. It is much better during the spring-time, in fact you can swim there without problems also in spring, when it is less crowded (in some summer days you don't even find a meter-square available)!

Sicilian puppets
Sicilian puppets


The Sicilians have a lot of religion celebrations and traditions. Moreover, they are very superstitious people, almost more than being devout Roman Catholics.


There's no doubt about it. Food and wine are among Sicily's main attractions, and you may have sampled something of both long before arriving in Sicily. When most people think of Italian food, pasta and pizza come to mind. But Sicilian cuisine, and the Mediterranean Diet, transcends these ubiquitous culinary delights. If you plan to go on a diet, go to Sicily first (you can always diet later)...

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If you want to taste the real Sicilian food, our advice are:

BAR TOURING where you can taste the famous "arancina bomba" (via Lincoln, next to the sea-side).

GELATERIA CICCIO where you can eat the best ice-cream of the city (Corso dei Mille, next to the Station)

FOCACCERIA SAN FRANCESCO where you can find all the best Sicilian food, "arancine", "pane con milza", "pasta con sarde", "pasta al forno", "panelle e crocchè", "cannoli".

(Piazza San Francesco next to via Roma and via Vittorio Emanuele).



If you are a lover of shopping you can go to "via Libertà" (the "fancy" street), near Politeama's square or to "via Roma", where there are many shops. Close to the Cathedral you can find a lot of souvenir's shops.


If you want to spend a nice evening in the city-center, I suggest to go first to VIA CHIAVETTIERI, street full of pubs with cheap cocktails, VUCCIRIA, the underground square with cheap drinks, CHAMPAGNERIA, OLIVELLA, places full of pubs and people every day of the week.


In the city-center, some of the clubs where there is usually DJ-SET and ytou have the possibility to dance are:


You can directly check the events on ERASMUS PALERMO to see what is going on during the night and if there is some activity connected with the international life in Palermo



Sicily is famous for his beautiful sandy and rocks beaches all around the island. The most famous ones next to Palermo are Mondello and Cefalù.


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  • 60km from Palermo
  • 50 minutes away by train - 6 €


Cute touristic town next to Palermo, very crowded during the summer-time. One of the nicest and longest beaches in Sicily.


  • around 130 km from Palermo
  • 2 hours by bus (8 €)


It is for sure one of the most historical and known Sicilian towns, rich of history, absolutely to see the "temple valley", very close to Agrigento's town.


  • around 220 km from Palermo)
  • 2 hours by bus - 10 €


The second biggest Sicilian city.

Nice town, interesting sights to visit, warm people, beautiful and cheerful night-life.


  • around 300 km from Palermo
  • 3 hours by bus - 15 €

Another monumental and wonderful Sicilian town...the furthest from Palermo, but really worthy to visit. Really famous the ancient Greek theatres.




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The craziest party of the year
The craziest party of the year
Teatro Massimo
Teatro Massimo

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