1. From the airport you can take a bus to get to downtown Palermo . You will find it outside the arrivals area at the airport and it costs 6,30 € and it takes about 50 minutes to get to Palermo

2. A tutor can help you during your Erasmus experience. They will help you in many different ways such as picking you up at the station, showing you around the city, helping you to buy a phone card and taking you to the International office. Most importantly, your tutor can help help you to look for a place to stay.

3. Rent prices in Palermo are usually around 180-220 € for a single room, 110-140 € for a bed in double room with another person. Be careful, sometimes owners may try to take advantage of the foreign students and charge unreasonably high prices for rent. For this reason it is a good idea to have a local person help you when you are looking for accommodation; they can tell if you are being given a fair price. Check our apartments list selected with fair owners and local prices:
Our advice is to look for an apartment in the city-center. While it may seem ideal to live near your university, it is better be located more centrally especially at night as the walk is much farther and not ideal.


Here there is a map of the city-centre. We advice to live in this area next to Via Roma


Where there are the red signs it is the city-centre with the flat we offer for the students.

The university campus is down on the left, in the end of Corso Tukory.


4. Buying a telephone card is very important! We advise choosing WIND as your telephone provider, to create a network of people who use the same telephone card. A tutor usually helps you to get a WIND SIM card. There is a good offer called WIND YOUNG (with free calls and 10gb of internet).

5. It’s important you go as soon as possible to the International office for your registration. Only with the registration you will be a real Erasmus student in Palermo.
The international office is at the university, building number 3. It’s open every morning for the foreign students from Monday to Fridayy. It is important to go as soon as possible, however, there is no penalty if you cannot make it immediately and must wait a few days.


Here there is a map to reach the university and the international office (Building number 3)


6. We will organize loads of activities and meeting especially in the first month. Try to come to the activities we organize, so you can get in touch with a lot of different people from different places and make new friends!


7 We organize weekly parties with special offers for Erasmus students; if you like dancing and having fun, you are more than welcome to join every activity. Follow our activities on the ERASMUS PALERMO page

8. We organize trips every now and then, if you want to discover Sicily or travel together with other students, obviously you are welcome to join. Moreover we try to make the prices of the trips as cheap as possible, because we are a group of students, for the students - we don’t want you spend a lot of money! Join our Palermo erasmus life and apartments group to keep updated

9. Study, but remember this is not the first goal! Erasmus is an exchange of experience, mix of cultures and something you will never forget! So, please don’t stay home all the time!!! Of course school is important, but so is this amazing once in a lifetime e pertinence. Don't let the memories and experiences get away from you!

10. By joining the ERASMUS PALERMO group on facebok you will always be informed about every activity we organize.

11. You can inform us when you are planning to come, so we can get a tutor for you who will help you from the beginning of your experience here.

12. Always bring a good mood and a big smile…and have a wonderful time in Palermo!!!



You can ask us through our page "apartments for rent" if we have any free rooms to book daily for only 10 euro per night for the first days of your arrival.


Check it out:



If you are an incoming Erasmus student and you want to improve your italian, there is an Italian language course for free, you can apply for the Italian course organized by the ITASTRA.

You can see more information in our specific page of the website:




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Nota: I campi con l'asterisco sono richiesti



Follow our guide-lines and you won't get lost in the beginning of your experience

Get a flat in the city-center at local prices

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The craziest party of the year
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Teatro Massimo

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