A tutor can help you in the beginning of your Erasmus experience in many ways: picking you up at the station when you arrive, showing you the city, helping you to buy a phone-card, taking you to the International office, to look for a flat and to make new friends.


PICKING UP: Your personal tutor will welcome you when you come to Palermo, coming to pick you up at the train station and taking you to the hostel-apartment or the other place you booked for your first days of erasmus.

APARTMENTS: Prices for the renting in Palermo are around 200/250 € for a single room, 150/160 for a bed in double room.

Sometimes owners try to get advantage of the foreign people. So that’s why it’s good you can go to look for a flat with a local person who knows if someone is trying to cheat on you.

TELEPHONE CARD: Buying a telephone card is very important! We always advice to get the WIND, to create a net of the same companies. There are amazing offers with wind, you pay only 2 € per day for 4,000 messages per month and 6 € for 200 minutes of calls. A tutor usually helps you to get a WIND SIM card.

INTERNATIONAL OFFICE: It’s important you go as soon as possible to the International office for the registration. Only with the registration you will be a real Erasmus student in Palermo.
The international office is in PIAZZA MARINA, in the city-center of Palermo. It’s open every morning for the foreign students from Monday to Thursday. Even though you go there after a couple of days it is not a big deal, but try to go as soon as possible anyway.

A tutor can take you there and can give you advice about the university.


MEETINGS AND PARTIES: Your personal tutor will introduce to you his friends, the other membes of the organization and the other students who are already in town. He'll take you to the best parties and meetings of the city

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The craziest party of the year
The craziest party of the year
Teatro Massimo
Teatro Massimo

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