ITASTRA - Italian language courses for Erasmus students.

At the beginning of the course, Students have to do a placement test in order to establish the suitable class for their level.


During the course, The school provides conversation activities with skilled teachers, pair activities, individual or small group lessons, meetings with associations committed in social activities, didactic sightseeings.


At the end of the course, students have to do a test. The students, who attend the course (no more than 2 absences for each course) and do the final test, will receive a certificate of participation with the final mark in …/30 (thirties).


Levels, The provided levels are those ones established by the Common European Framework.


Dates, The first six month course will start in October, the second one in February



  • - The first course (36 hours) totally free
  • - the second course (36 hours): 50 € enrolment+ 50 € course (100 €)
  • - from the third course (36 hours) on:100 € a course
  • - Who wants to attend 3 courses at least: 50 € enrolment + 200 € for the courses
  • - Winter and Summer school prices will be agreed upon from time to time.


Erasmus Mundus – Students who are in international mobility


  • -          50 registration
  • -          120 hours totally free
  • -          The next courses: 100  for each course.
  • -          Summer and Winter school prices will be agreed upon from time to time


You can enroll yourself by filling in the application form (modulo di iscrizione) and send it by e-mail at

A week before the beginning of the course.


Students are requested to indicate their level of competence according to the levels determined by the Common European Framework. For the self-assessment it is necessary to consult carefully the following links:

(in lingua italiana) 
(in lingua inglese).







Founded in 2005, ‘Sicilia’ is the only school in Palermo which specialises in teaching the Italian language specifically to foreigners. ‘ Sicilia’ is also one of the few schools in Sicily that provides a Cultural Holiday experience in Palermo, in which our students enjoy a number of touristic, linguistic and social activities whilst learning the Italian language. In this mode, our students find themselves fully immersed in Sicilian culture. Our school reserves for our students all of the warmth and simplicity of our solar earth to learn the Italian language in a familiar environment while pleasantly enjoying the hours of lessons and the nearby beaches of blue water; all of which will make your study-holiday wonderful and memorable. Your holiday won’t just be about the sea, nature, art and good food, but will also be a new way of learning and living the Italian and Sicilian culture. ‘Sicilia’ is accredited by the University of Pisa, and is home to DITALS exams; certification for the teaching of Italian language for foreigners. Our dedicated team at ‘Sicilia’ is formed by mother tongue teachers who specialize in the teaching of Italian language for foreigners. The teachers of our school all specialize in the teaching of the Italian language to foreigners as they possess the competency of certification. In addition, our teachers are university graduates in their native Italian language. Our staff are and are available to give lessons, for both individuals or groups, to all those who want to learn the Italian language through the formula of a study holiday in Palermo, Sicily. The team at ‘Sicilia’, thanks to the help of our partners and local tour operators, are available also to organize your free time on the weekends and for the period of your stay with several various activities (excursions, nights out, sport, cooking courses, boat trips etc.)Sicilia’ offers Italian courses for foreigners of all linguistic levels, from very beginners to advanced learners wanting to specialise their skills. Our levels make reference to those of the Common European Framework: A1–A2; B1-B2; C1-Advanced.









tel: 00393383923621


Address: Via Houel, 19, 90138, Palermo, Italia



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