Palermo is a fantastic city to spend an Erasmus semester or even a year. The scenery is magnificent and there are so many things that you can do at weekends and in the holidays. Erasmus students in Palermo often make the most of this great landscape to take up a sport and the climate in Palermo is very pleasant all year round but it can get very hot in the summer months. This is perfect for lovers of the outdoors as there are many opportunities to walk, cycle, climb, swim and ski outside. Especially if you are an Erasmus student some of these opportunities may be very new and exciting. Palermo's location is ideal as it is situated on the coast with a backdrop of mountains behind.

As already mentioned, cycling is a very popular things to do in Palermo, particularly along the sea front. The sea front path is beautiful and allows cyclist to take in the stunning views out to sea and to the city. Many Erasmus students hire bikes with their friends to get out in the sunshine. There are also opportunities to go mountain biking and you can even go on a mountain biking tour with other students. This is a fantastic way to make new friends and enjoy a challenging biking session. This also allows you to get spectacular views of the coast of Sicily.

There are several ski resorts located near Palermo so in winter, skiing and snowboarding become very popular sports for students. The great thing about this is that you can do this in a day trip and so you don't have to pay for expensive ski-resort accommodation. This is such a fun winter activity and it is always very popular among Erasmus students, especially those who are already keen skiers and those who have never had the opportunity before in their own countries.


Seeing as Palermo is located by the sea, there is an excellent selection of water sports to try out. These are always great fun for Erasmus students as they can hire a boat together and soak up some sun. Water sports include kyaking, windsurfing and even scuba diving!


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