It’s not a secret that Lithuanians like to eat good, tasty and a lot of food. It is said about Lithuanian cooks that a good cook can create delicious food just by using simple ingredients. Lithuanian cuisine is pretty simple but has a variety of interesting dishes. Potatoes, rye, beet root, various meat, mushrooms and dairy products are often used when preparing Lithuanian food. It’s amazing how much food can be found in the Lithuanian cook’s kitchen. When you are the guest in Lithuanian house, it is possible to eat too much because the food is just too good to be left in the plate! Here are some of traditional and personally, our favorite Lithuanian food!


Potato zeppelinsPotato zeppelins (cepelinai)

Cepelinai are a Lithuanian national dish. Potato zeppelins are big round balls made of raw or cooked potatoes with meat, curd or any other stuffing inside.


Baked potato puddingBaked potato pudding (kugelis)

Kugelis is made of raw grated potatoes, eggs and baked in oven. A big part of potato pudding is sauce that is prepared in different ways (traditionally cracklings).


Groat SausageGroat sausage (vedarai) 

Vedarai is Lithuanian national dish made of baked pork casings with a various mixture. Vedarai are usually served with a sauce of cracklings as a second dish.


Cold NosesBilberry dumplings (saltanosiai)

Saltanosiai is Lithuanian dumplings prepared with a mixture of bilberries. Dumplings are called saltanosiai (cold noses) because of their blue colour.



Svilpikai are made of cooked ground potatoes, they are baked in oven. Traditionally svilpikai are served with a sauce of cracklings or mushrooms.




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