polish stereotypes
polish stereotypes

1. Polish Girls are beautiful -

and that's damn right!!!

On the right there is the right example on what we mean with this, so if you don't believe it, look at the picture) =)




2. Poles drink a lot

that's true in comparison to rest of (Western) Europe. Although it's connected strongly with genetics and kind of wierd drinking culture in Poland

3. Polish people are very hospitable

An heritage is hospitality. A Polish proverb fully shows our relations to visitors: ,,A Guest at home-God at home ‘’. Poles are very polite, kind and obliging. If you come to us we put on the table all the food we have. It doesn’t matter that you are not able to eat it. A visitor should feel like a part of the family in every Polish home.


4. Polish are grumblers

They like complaining about their mistfortune, lamenting over our fate and worrying about something prematurely. Some Poles can talk about and relate their troubles round and round. They don’t perceive good things. Even when something is quite good and very good, they are not satisfied. Complain, complain, complain...

5. Polish people are religious

Many foreigners associate Poland with the Pope. The Pope is probably the most famous Pole in the world. John Paul II was born in Wadowice. It is a small town in the south of Poland. He became the Pope when he was 58. We are so proud that The Pope is a Pole and is respected all over the world.. But not only thanks to the Pope Poland is associated with religion. We are a very Catholic nation with strong faith. Peopple who are Roman Catholics constitute the majority of the Polish society - above 90%. Christianity was introduced on our territory just after 996.The first Polish king with his court received baptism which started Christianity of the country. In this way Poland became Christian and joined European Religion Community. Since this time we have been zealous Catholics.

6. Polish people are thieves

From some time there have been rumours that Poles are thieves. There is nothing to boast about. Probably Polish thieves are very refined, smart and cunning. There aren’t any car protections that we can’t break. In Western Europe, especially in Germany, there is a very famous proverb: ,, Go to Poland, your car is already there’’. There is no need to write and reflect about this longer.

P.S. If you want to dispose of your car (rapidly!) come to Poland and leave it somewhere: locked or unlocked - there isn’t much difference. It’s only one minute question.

7. Polish food is bland (even by British standards)
8. Polish people are patriotic
9. Polish people have vowel-starved names, like Zbigniew_Rybczyński

10. Polish people have a lot of respect for education and hard work

11. Polish people have a dour demeanor


Commenti: 8
  • #8

    Luigi (mercoledì, 07 settembre 2016)

    Polish people are criminals and thieves.

  • #7

    Davide (domenica, 14 agosto 2016 18:57)

    Maura, Polish girls are definitely the hottest ;)
    The webmaster..

  • #6

    Oliwia (sabato, 13 agosto 2016 19:23)

    Ahahha! I think Maura here is the ugly frog faced hog who has nothing better to do then try bashing another culture, polish people are always going to be polish people, the fun beautiful people. Which obviously doesn't make room for "Maura". Polska, nasz kochany kraj!

  • #5

    Maura (lunedì, 20 giugno 2016 07:08)

    Ahahahaha! Polish people are the worst! The only people who like Polish people are the Polish themselves. Everyone else hates them. The women look like frog-faced old hags (who age horrendously) and most of them are indeed, crooks.

  • #4

    Ania (lunedì, 29 dicembre 2014 16:21)

    that's totally true, we are the best girls in the world..and the hottest! :o

  • #3

    Eva (venerdì, 12 luglio 2013 15:26)

    Stereotypically Poles are complainers. They always moaning on everything. Here is the proof:

  • #2

    nikola (sabato, 06 aprile 2013 21:12)

    I'm a polish girl and i think this informacion is isn't true
    1.Polish food are spicy and fatty
    2. More polish people are atheist
    3.Polish people have very strong character
    4. We are optimistic
    5.Polish people like alcohol but we are not drunk often

  • #1

    Lisa (sabato, 15 dicembre 2012 09:40)

    Polish people speak obnoxiously in public



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