typical Italian erasmus student
typical Italian erasmus student

Erasmus from Italy are coming .... oh my God! let's change the club!

This is what the majority of the women around the world think when you find yourself dealing with a group of horny kids who just drink the first two drinks and become wild animals.

Testosterone grows, they do not control anymore their body, they only think with an organ.

This is a summary of the stereotypical Italian Erasmus when he goes to dance, actually not to dance, it would be better we say: to chase women!

Because the Italian Erasmus students do not go to dance for having fun with friends.

They go to the parties to "make as many goals as possible " whether they are great ones , or tself-goals (at the end of the evening with the ugliest girl of the club ... ) .


The Italian Erasmus is a hunter , focused on its prey , probe the ground , organizes , call the friend to point out to him : " oh look , there are two women there , let's attack " ... an ongoing war !

An old good friend of mine, former Erasmus student in Estonia said: "when we go to dance it is like a war, we have to enter the field using the statistical technique" .

Well, but what is exactly the statistical technique ? Simply, the more you try with women, the more you have chances , so if you try one evening with 200 girls possibly you will succeed at the end of a process .

The old good friend who tried his techniques every night, however, did not mark so many goals and in the end and he understood that that land was not for him and he came back defeated.


The Italian Erasmus does not have of any feeling of shame, he makes an incredible mess, but he still believes he is the best lover of the world and all the women will fall on his his dreams! :)



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