You Know You're an Exchange Student at Erasmus When....

- you do things that you would never do in your hometown.

- you don't want to show your latest party-pictures to anyone that's not an Erasmus.

- "spending the day at uni" means a day spent in front of your mail, msn and facebook.

- not even 30 calls from the neighbours and a visit from the police can keep you from having another big party. You just move and change neighbours!

- you came to your Erasmus-country wanting to find new friends among "the locals", but soon realised that the other Erasmuses are more fun.

- the people you just know by your own made up nicknames, such as "the hunk, the pop-guy, Hi5, barefootman..." etc are people you absolutely want to invite to your birthday-party.

- most of your time is spent preparing for or recovering from a night out.

- you present old silly songs from your home country, claiming that it's a classic...without being embarrassed.

- you no longer care whether it's monday or friday - it's still party-night!

- you recognize people saying hi to you in the street thanks to the pictures you took last night.

- you refer to everything as before or after a certain Erasmus-event.

- you know that nothing is better than a night out at the erasmus pubs and clubs - although your friends complain about always going to the same places...

- you kiss anyone and anything without bothering about the consequences (good or bad).

- you blame all your bad behaviour on the fact that you're an Erasmus.

- you do a test to measure your consume of alcohol and get serioulsy worried about your health.

- you know that the time of your life is now!

You know you are an Erasmus student when...

1) You schedule your social life around Concordia's Happy hour

2) You are fully accustomed to 40 mph wind on a daily basis and dont expect to see the sun except every couple days...

3) You're surprised to meet any girl that doesnt have a boyfriend back home

4) Your teacher pukes frequently in law class

5) You've learned to bag groceries extremely fast out of fear of holding up the line at the AH

6) You know what the "AH" is

7) You've recognized the convenience of stopping at Tuda Fruda along the way to the AH

8) You feel uncomfortable riding the wobbly bikes in the narrow streets as cars zoom by

9) You know that Amsterdam is exactly 1 hr and 2 minutes away by Train. And that thought comforts you.

10) You were an instant Excelsior fan until you learned that they are the 2nd worst team in Holland.

11) You understand the bullshit-ness of the VTV Forms and stall as much as possible on filling one out.

12) You know THE Annemarie.

13) 11 Pub Crawls just ain't a big deal.

14) You consider stealing fruits and veggies from the market because they're so cheap they're almost free anyways

15) You now start all your conversations on Facebook instead of MSN

16) You have a high chance getting hit bt a cyclist than a car



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