typical erasmus from Spain after getting wasted
typical spanish erasmus after being wasted

In the general opinion of the mothers, when the young sons go to get the flight to leave their own countries to live their own experience abroad, the erasmus student is thought to go to study and learn a new language.

In reality, everything happens except studying and doing exams. The typical Spanish erasmus is even worse than the normal erasmus students and he is always looking for lazyness, girls and alcohol.

We can surely say that the typical erasmus from Spain is the extreme side of the typical erasmus, which is already an extraordinary character.

We do not know why, but everywhere the Spanish students are always the majority, it is impossible to go somewhere without Spanish erasmus students. They are easy to recognize because they walk in large groups, screaming, singing and laughing (with their typical "jejeje") the whole time.

Alcoholic like none else, the typical Erasmus students are drinking alcohol in unbelievable quantities and involve all the rest of the group from other countries to do the same. Without any doubt, the Spanish erasmus students are always the leaders of the group and the parties everywhere in Europe with their symphaty and latin way of being

So, my spanish friends, fortunately you exist, or our time with all of you would not be so fun! ;-)

Typical expressions of the Spanish erasmus student

  • Spanish erasmus any moment of the day:
Una copa? jajajajaja (another drink? ahahahah)

  • Spanish erasmus at 9 in the morning:
Jajaja! Toma la ultima cerveza commigo chaval! (come on man, let's get the last beer)

  • Spanish erasmus every night of the week:
Hacemos un botellon? (let's go to drink our own alcohol in the street?)

  • Spanish erasmus every morning (afternoon) when he is hangover:
Nunca màs alcohol en mi vida! (I am never drinking again)

  • Spanish erasmus who has an exam the day after:

Voy a tomar algo hasta temprano (I am going home early tonight...but he will go to the exam extremely drunk without sleeping)


  • Spanish erasmus who lays to himself
La ultima y me voy (The last drink and I go home...but he will stay other 5 hours around)


  • Spanish erasmus, Real Madrid supporter:
Si el Madrid pierde me voy a emborracchar llorando,si gana me voy a emborracchar celebrando
(If Real Madrid loses, I am going to get drunk crying, if Madrid wins, I am going to get drunk celebrating)
  • Spanish erasmus every night:
Quiero esta chica, pero ayer estaba con la amiga! Que cono hago ahora?
(I want this girl, but yesterday I was with her best friend! What should do I do now?
  • Spanish erasmus who thinks Spanish is the most important language in the world:
Me dicen que no puedo hablar inglès, pero porque los ingleses hablan tan mal castellano?
(They always tell me I cannot speak English, but why English people cannot speak Spanish?)

Typical night in a Spanish flat

For my Spanish friends: remember this is a humour article, so do not feel offended!

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    Davide (mercoledì, 06 giugno 2012 13:51)


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    davide palermo erasmus life (mercoledì, 06 giugno 2012 16:37)

    For my Spanish friends: remember this is a humour article, so do not feel offended!

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    tej (giovedì, 18 luglio 2013)

    Well I was an Erasmus student too. I went to Horsens at Faculty of Technology and Management in 2008. Was a great year indeed! Danish people are great! I've made a lot of friends there. So we drank a lot, I confess and I didn't have any problems with that at all. I know alcohol is bad, but when you're young you don't really care. Alcohol is very popular with young people (especially with students). But the problem is that with alcohol usually comes junk food as well. With junk food and lack of exercise comes obesity. Obesity leads to development of different diseases when you're older. Bad things. If you are overweight make sure you read this piece on <a href="">how many calories should i eat to lose weight</a>. It can help you a lot with your weight loss plan.
    Alcohol is not that bad if you are active and do sports. The best thing to fight alcohol negative effects is to workout and be active. If you are poisoning your body with alcohol than make sure you are also doing good for your body. Workout every day and have a healthy diet. That should keep obesity at bay.
    Hope this helps.
    Students, be smart - drink responsibly and exercise! Trust me, that way you will have much more fun as you will stay healthy all the time!!
    Best regards from an ex-erasmuser.



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